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2013 Arctiva Evaporator Wicking Base Layer Sock $20.00

2013 Arctiva Evaporator Wicking Base Layer Sock $20.00Item#: 3431

A proper Layering System is the key to staying warm and dry while riding. Choosing the right layering garments is the first step towards this goal. Cotton based products are absolutely not part of a Layering System. This includes sweatshirts and denim products. During the activity of snowmobiling you generate moisture (sweat). The harder you ride, the more moisture you generate. Cotton products trap this moisture, which in turn, transmits cold directly to your body. An effective layering system starts with a base layer which wicks moisture (sweat) away from your body. This base layer must be worn directly against the skin. Our Evaporator gear, made from wicking quick-dry material, is the base layer for the Arctiva layering system.

  • Quick-dry moisture wicking fabric
  • Two-sided micro denier knit creates air pockets for improved insulation
  • EC2 Quik-Dri Electrostatic process quickly removes moisture away from skin
  • Evaporator moisture wicking socks with padded shin inserts for aggressive riding styles
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